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Projects Completed In Textile Mills



Transformer Description
A.J. Textile Mills, Peshawar. Voltage Regulating transformer
Ashraf Textile Mills, Lahore 2000kva, 11000/0.415 kV
Yen Textile Manga. 630KVA 11/0.415Kv
Tribal Textiles, D.I. Khan. 50kVA, 11/0.415kV
Tiger Knitwear Lahore. Control Transformer
Tariq Spinning, Kamoki 500 kVA regulating tfo.
Suraj Cotton Mills. Faisalabad 100Kva Voltage Regulating Transformer.
Ayesha Textiles, Sheikhupura 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V
Sunshine Cotton Lahore. 20KVA regulating transformer
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  Rectifier Transformers
  Reactor chokes and precise Inductance’s

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High Voltage Testing Equipment

  Current Injection Sets
  Three Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
  Consultancy services
Dehydration of transformer oil

Supply of Refurbished Transformers



Sunshine Cloth Sheikhupura. 1250KVA 11/0.415 KV  
Bhatti Fibres, Qasoore. 2000Kva, 11/0.415kv tfo.
Bismillah Textile Mills. Faisalabad 750 kVA, Regulating Transformer
Chakwal Spinning Mills. Bhaeepheru Voltage Regulating Transformers
Galaxy Textile Mills Ltd, Jhang 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V
Gulshan Spinning Mills. Nankana Precise Reactances
Hajra Suhail Textile, Sargodha Voltage Adjusting transformers
Hajra Textile (Ayesha Group) 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V
Hameed Textile Pattoki. 1500 kVA, 11000/415 v
Hira Spinning Mills. Manga Step up transformers
Ihsan Sons, Raiwind. 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V
Irfan textile Mills. Lahore 2000 kVA, 11000/415 v
Ishaaq Textile Mills. Faisalabad. 1500 kVA, 11000/415 v
Jamhoore Textiles, Lahore. Voltage Regulating transformer.
Jan Mohd Textile Manga. 125KVA Auto
JAS Fabrics Lahore. 400KVA, Regulating Transformer
Khalid Siraj Textiles, Manga. 1250KVA 11/0.415 KV
Koh-e-noor Spinning Mills. Chakwal 2500 kva, 11000/415 V tfo
Lahore Textiles, Lahore. 2000Kva, 11/0.415kv tfo.
    Margalla Textile Hassanabdal. 1500KVA 11/0.415 kV  
    Nishat Mills, Ferozepur road, Lahore 630 kva Dehydration  
    Noon Textiles, Bhalwal. 1000kVA, 11/0.415 kV  
    North Star Textile Sheikhupura. Precise Inductive Chokes  
    Olympia Textile Chichoki. 1250KVA 11/0.415 Kv  
    Pak Panther textiles. Manga 30kva regulating transformer  
    Quetta Textile Mills. Bhaee pheru 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V  
    Qureshi Textile Mianchannu. 1250KVA 11/0.415 kV  
    Redco Textiles, Rawat. 40 kVA regulating tfo  
    Regency Textiles, Mustafa abad. 1250 kva, 11000/415 V  
    Rizwan Textile Mills. Chakwal 15 kVA, step up traformers.  
    Rupa Fab Industries 2000 kVA, 11000/415 V  
    Rupali Polyester 200 kva Voltage regulating TFO  
    Sajjad Textile Lahore. 630KVA 11/0.415Kv  
    Service Textile Gujrat. 2500 kva, 11000/415 V tfo  
    Shafi Spinning Sheikupura. 150KVA voltage adjusting transformer  
    Shah taj Textile Mills Pattoki. 1500KVA 11/0.415 kV  
    Sher Shah Knitwear LTD. 630 kva regulating tfo  
    Shoaib Salman textiles, Sahiwal 62 kVA, step up tfos.  




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